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Recognize and Remember America’s Enemies

   By George Henry Edwards 


At least recognize whom and whose allies mindlessly or purposely act against the interests of the American people—those who callously allow conditions to persist that block the opportunity for our young people to achieve their aspirations.


Remember what people hold their boots against the throats of our entrepreneurs who, with typical American ingenuity, have invented environmentally sound fracking methods that would allow us to unlock our massive underground energy resources and remove our energy dependence on countries unfriendly to us.


Remember what people have blocked use of our immense energy riches in Alaska and blocked the Keystone Pipeline after years of studies endorsing its environmental safety. While that condition persists, friendly Canada will have no choice but to export its oil to countries unfriendly to us.


Remember what people, against court orders, have blocked our drilling in the Gulf of Mexico while giving our money to foreign nations to do so.


Remember what people block drilling, for even environmentally friendly gas, on federal lands and federalize even more land to extend such blockage.


Remember what people are making the inexpensive coal resources that fuel so many of our power plants economically infeasible and so sky-rocket our fuel costs. This, for the alleged purpose of diminishing pollution despite the fact that other countries, especially developing countries, will use it with no place close to the environmental safeguards we employ.


For all this, we lose countless jobs and energy independence.


Also remember what people make nice with those countries and ideologies not friendly to us, insult long-term friendly nations, remove missile defense safeguards from them, reduce our own military defense capability, block economic development and reduce incentives for our economy so it would be able to continue to provide military safeguards for ourselves and our friends.




You might find an informative six minute video on fracking of interest that you can access by ctrl-clicking the following link: Emerald Oil, Inc. (EOX)