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Remember in November—2010, 2012 and 2014

  George Edwards, giac2002.org


Don’t vote to re-elect ANY Democratic Senator or Independent. They ALL voted for the Senate Health Care Bill. Don’t vote to reelect ANY House member who voted for the original House Health Care Bill, HR3962, OR the subsequent overhaul bill.


Tea party crowds and other Americans sent a super-strong message to their representatives NOT to vote for either health care bill. Most ignored us and voted for them anyway. If we vote to re-elect these congress-people, why would any congress-person ever feel the need to pay attention to us in the future?


They not only passed the bills ignoring us, they prepared them behind closed doors and passed them in great haste without allowing thorough scrutiny and debate although the bills will largely not go into effect for four years.


According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, health care bills cut $500 billion from seniors while still adding close to $1,000 billion to the overall cost for the first ten years—largely this low only because bill language that said nothing was to be spent for the first four years of that ten. This with earlier passed unread legislation in 2009 would plunge our depressed economy into unprecedented debt while ignoring unemployment and economic issues—in fact, making them worse.


If the media to which you subscribe did not show photographs and report as major news the unprecedented crowds that showed up in Washington D.C. and elsewhere protesting the health care bills and other irresponsible government actions or if they slighted information on Obama being the furthest left senator who sought out and associated with America-haters, socialists, communists and American terrorists you should ideally subscribe to and get information from other media including Fox News..  


If not for the tea party crowds and photographs shown on the Web and Fox News, Obama would have rammed through an even worse bill unread bill in August 2009.


Don’t let time or re-written history muddle your mind, and help guard against outfits like ACORN and election fraud. Vote the proven miscreants out. Sort out and vote in those proven or most likely to vote for Tea Party America Refounding (TPAR) Principles.


Click here to view a listing of the states and names of the senators up for re-election in 2010 who voted for the Senate health care bill in defiance of the people (ALL the Senate Democrats and Independents voted for the bill). Neither South Carolina senator voted for this bill.


Click here to view a listing of the states and names of the House members who voted for the House’s original 2009 health care bill, HR3962, OR its overhaul, in defiance of the people. The congressmen include Democrats John Spratt of South Carolina District 5 and James Clyburn of South Carolina District 6. Anh Cao of Louisiana was the Sole Republican House member voting for the bill.


Click here to view a listing of the states and names of House Democrats who deserve credit for voting against the House’s original 2010 health care bill HR3962 despite pressure from the Democrat leadership.


Click here to view a listing of the names and states of the Democrat and Independent Senators up for re-election in 2012 who voted for the Senate health care bill.


Click here to view a listing of the names and states of the Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2014 who voted for the Senate health care bill.


Instead of voting for any of these, vote for congressional candidates with proven responsible voting records or seek out candidates whom you, or someone you thoroughly trust has vetted to most likely vote in accordance with Tea Party America Refounding (TPAR) Principles, support and vote for them.


The aim is to promote such candidates, whatever their party affiliation before and during the primaries. But not to set up a third party. Polls show that to set up a third party would just ensure a Democrat win in the general election.. So in the general election vote for the Republican or Democrat primary winner who seems most likely to vote in accordance with TPAR principles regardless of his or her party affiliation.