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What is the ideal society for humans?

  1. Life and freedom from physical injury

  2. Equal opportunity for everyone to develop to their own potential insofar as they do not prevent that same opportunity for others.


What do these ideals require?


  1. Protection from those who would murder, maim or cause physical injury

  2. Protection from those who would limit the opportunity of others

  3. Protection against any teachings or exhortations to kill, cause injury or hatred of any group or individual

  4. Protection of the fruits of peoplesí labors from theft and arson

  5. Protection against dishonesty

  6. Provision for a free market system with adequate safeguards against cheating and fraud and for health and safety

  7. Provision for parental school choice including the teaching of children the ideals of the ideal society and the right of everyone to equal opportunity

  8. Opportunity for a suitable education for everyone consonant with their potential

  9. Provisions for help for the elderly and those who can not help themselves


What practical steps are necessary to achieve the ideal society for humans?


  1. That groups of people band together to achieve an ideal society

  2. That the people banding together are limited in their power to do anything beyond what is needed and delegated power to anyone is strictly limited in duration and subject to recall

  3. That a fair system of punishment or incarceration be in place to provide a strong negative incentive for those who act in ways contrary to the ideal society.